Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Well-Woman Exam

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Well-Woman Exam

When your life is busy, you probably have a tendency to put off anything that seems “optional.” One thing that you should make a priority is keeping your appointment for an annual well-woman exam.

The well-woman exam is an important part of taking care of your overall health. Even if you aren’t involved with a new sexual partner and your last well-woman exam results were fine, it’s still essential to have an annual well-woman exam. Dr. Daniel Esteves explains some of the reasons why you need to make regular well-woman exams a priority.

Important screenings

One of the most important things that happen during a well-woman exam is screening your body for signs of changes. These changes can indicate signs of serious diseases like cancer, which is usually much more treatable when caught early. Though you should also be doing monthly breast self-exams, Dr. Esteves checks for additional changes that could be early signs of cancer. 

Pap smears also check for changes to your cervix that might be happening at a cellular level, long before you would notice that anything was wrong. Though most of the time we don’t find anything of concern in a well-woman exam, it’s also an extremely valuable exam in the cases where we do find changes.

Protect your reproductive health

If you’re still at an age at which you can become pregnant, a well-woman exam plays an important role in protecting your reproductive health. Part of the exam includes taking a general history of both your overall physical health and your reproductive system in particular. If you’re having problems, such as heavy or irregular periods, these could affect your ability to conceive children in the future.

In addition to being frustrating issues that you may not have to live with, some of these reproductive issues are highly treatable. This can both make life easier in the meantime and safeguard your future fertility.

Prepare and plan for future pregnancies

If you know that your family is not yet complete, it’s especially important to see your OB/GYN on a regular basis. Even if you aren’t planning to become pregnant again in the immediate future, ensuring that you’re as healthy as possible can improve the outcome whenever you do become pregnant.

Review contraceptive choices

If you are using a form of contraception now, it may not always continue to be the right choice for you. If you’re experiencing unpleasant side effects as a result of your current contraceptive method, Dr. Esteves can help you choose another option that may work better for you. When you want to prevent pregnancy, the most important contraceptive method is one that you’ll be able to regularly use.

Monitor chronic conditions

Your OB/GYN is an important member of your personal healthcare team, just like your family doctor is. If you’re dealing with any chronic health conditions, Dr. Esteves wants to help monitor them. 

When you see Dr. Esteves for a well-woman exam, it isn’t only about your reproductive health. Your OB/GYN and family doctor are part of a team that wants to ensure your continued good health.

If you’re due for a well-woman exam, don’t put it on the back burner any longer. Call Dr. Daniel Esteves today, or request an appointment online.

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